Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia

Cascade Sturgeon Fishing in BC Our sturgeon fishing guests swear that the Fraser river white sturgeon are by far and away the most exciting freshwater sport fish to be found. Every year our guests enjoy the pleasure and excitement of tangling with these abundant and notorious Fraser river inhabitants.

Many of our guests return regularly to get their “fix” with these magnificent fish. The acquired sturgeon addiction will attest to the sturgeon’s sporting credentials (and perhaps the tenacity of our guests!!).

The white sturgeon is North America’s largest freshwater fish. Reaching weights exceeding 1000 pounds, our white sturgeon inhabit the murky waters of the mighty Fraser and some of the Fraser’s major tributaries. Specific tackle and gear is required for these great fish. A boat is a necessity and it must be rigged properly to fish for these giants. It is all provided for you by our angling guides.

Sturgeon fishing is similar to most fishing – you have to be patient and wait for the sturgeon to make its move. But once the hook is set, they don’t wait for you! Their power is unmatched and surprising to even the most experienced angler. The best part is that they jump clear out of the water, sometimes several times! If you are worried about hooking that thousand pounder, rest easy – most of the “larger” fish average between 100 and 300 pounds! However, our largest sturgeon was just shy of 900 pounds and measured 11 foot 3 inches from tip to the fork of the tail! That is the excitement and mystery of sturgeon fishing; you just never know what is prowling around underneath your boat! The best time for sturgeon fishing in British Columbia is late March though November.

For your best bet, (we believe there is absolutely nothing like it on the continent), we recommend the sturgeon trip as the most memorable fishing adventure you’ll ever take.

And hey, don’t forget to eat your Wheaties…

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