Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

Cascade Pink Salmon Fishing in BC Pink salmon are found in the lower Fraser and its tributaries on odd numbered years (2011,2013, 2015,etc.) Commonly called “humpies” because the males develop a conspicuous hump on their backs, pinks can be taken on every type of tackle and will bite readily.

This makes fishing for pinks fun for everyone including the younger anglers. This fishery provides an excellent opportunity to introduce angling to children and to those who have never picked up a fishing rod before. Nearly certain success is imminent when fishing in the peak time for pink salmon.

These salmon on average are the smallest of the five salmon species with the median size being 5 pounds. Pinks are best eaten fresh and provide a delicate fish texture and mild taste.

Pinks enter the Fraser river system in late August and continue into mid-October.

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