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Guiding: About Marc Laynes

Marc’s fishing career started early in life and he can vividly remember his first trout at the age of 6 with his father. The “bug” was borne and everyone around Marc can recall his absences due to this fishing affliction.

A summer stint of saltwater salmon guiding at world famous Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River and on Rivers Inlet’s big open water in 1986 started the guiding fascination immediately. This “summer job” changed Marc’s perspective on fishing ever since – the guiding aspect was a whole new challenge for him that he found incredibly satisfying!

It was January 1990 when Cascade Fishing Adventures began and it was the beginning of a new venture that was virtually non-existent at that time on the Fraser river. The time reflected a period of no Facebook, no internet – not even cell phones. It was an era when Cascade showed the adventurous international angler who was looking for unique fishing experiences, what was possible in our very own back yard. The Fraser river fishing experience was so new, not many locals knew about the phenomenal fishing of the Fraser Valley. Even more astonishing was the fact that most people in our town had never heard about sturgeon, or knew that sturgeon existed in the Fraser river.

In 1987, Marc received a post-secondary education from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in two fields: Fish and Wildlife Management and in Forest Resources. His motivation to gain this education stems from his desire to work with fish and wildlife resources in British Columbia.

From 1995 through 1998, Marc was hired by the Ministry of Environment to bring his experience to the Ministry of Environment’s Fraser River White Sturgeon Spawning Study and various dredging impact studies and assessments through the early 2000’s. Much of the work Marc has been involved in has been ground-breaking field work, offering very rewarding experiences stemming from discovering unknown Fraser river sturgeon habits.

There are no other fishing guides on the Fraser river that have the combination of education, knowledge and varied experience with the Fraser river and its fish, than Marc.

If you are interested, you will find him pleased to share his knowledge of the region’s geography, ecology and the fish, animals and plant life that inhabit the area. There is no better way to pass the quiet times on the boat than to talk about and share the knowledge of the unique and scenic area that encompasses you.

When Marc has any free time, he is happy to fish on his days off with family and friends. Hunting has always been a great way for Marc to get away from it all, and he enjoys climbing around BC’s mountainsides with his rifle over his shoulder and trusty Swarovski’s hanging around his neck.

Our fishing guides are comprised of a hand-picked crew that reflect the positive attributes required to be working in this industry:

  • A passion for fishing.
  • The desire to succeed in meeting and exceeding your expectations.
  • A great sense of humour, and a responsible disposition that is built on experience and knowledge of the river.

Cascade Fishing Adventures’ guides set the standard because they are keen, self motivated individuals that fully understand the commitment you made to get here. Our guides will reciprocate to give you a successful outing in every aspect.

Brett, CEJ, Clayton and Bowie are cornerstone guides for Cascade Fishing Adventures. Their enthusiasm and ability to consistently bring their best every day to each guided fishing trip is always appreciated by us and our guests.

On your guided fishing adventure, all the rods, reels, terminal tackle, bait and lures are supplied and included in the price on your trip. The equipment we supply on our trips is what we believe is the best for the species of fish we are searching for, and the technique we are employing at any given time.

The importance of keeping well maintained fishing equipment is never overlooked.

Cascade Fishing Guide - Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont AKA Bowie

Bowie is originally from Australia. Family ties brings him to Canada where he permanently resides in Chilliwack. Bowie was always an avid angler so it was easy for him to adapt to our West Coastfishery. Bowie has a very easy going manner and a great sense of humour. His Australian lingo will sometimes leave you in the dark, but we all eventually catch on (he absolutely butchers the English language!). Bowie’s largest sturgeon (2017) arrived at 10’10” and 800 lbs, so he does have a Midas touch! Bowie has been guiding with Cascade since 2016 and we have received nothing but positive feedback about his efforts on the water.

Larry Dekoff

Larry retired from his own construction business some time ago, but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping busy. An industrious man, Larry is constantly looking for good water. Easy going and very well mannered, Larry enjoys the hunt and the reward of working hard. Persistence and effort are key reasons to Larry’s success on the river! We feel very fortunate to have Larry on our crew and are looking forward to another season with him!

Cascade Fishing Guide - Larry Dekoff

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