Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

Cascade Chum Salmon Fishing in BC Ranging in size from 8 to 20 pounds, the tenacious chum salmon, or dog salmon as they are commonly called, are the “water buffaloes” of the river. The chum will color up when it enters the freshwater in mid to late September, but that does not deter it from attacking anything in its path!

A very strong salmon, most anglers will agree that the chum is hard on tackle and provides a worthy challenge. The chum is easily identified by the purplish vertical bars on its sides and, on the bucks, by rather large teeth, hence the nickname dog salmon. Occurring in good numbers, chum can be found almost anywhere in the lower Fraser and its tributaries.

Chum salmon are caught using every fishing technique we employ including float fishing, spin casting and fly fishing. The best chum fishing occurs in October and through to the middle of November. Not widely known for their table qualities, a fresh chum is excellent eating using a variety of cooking methods, and is an excellent fish to smoke or pickle.

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