Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

Cascade Chinook Salmon Fishing in BC Also known as king or spring salmon, the Chinook Salmon is the largest of the five Pacific species. Chinook are also well known for their outstanding strength and stamina, as well as their terrific table qualities!

There are two major salmon runs of Chinook that are targeted by anglers; the Fraser river summer run fans out into the major interior tributaries, and the fall run migrates into the Harrison River near Chilliwack. Summer run Chinook are commonly caught from the middle of July through to early September and will range in size from10 to 40 pounds. Since we are a short distance from the ocean, the Fraser’s Chinook are in mint condition. They are commonly caught by bar-fishing (a static method that employs the use of spinning glos), or by float fishing with a variety of natural or artificial baits. Pulling plugs and hanging spoons will also work at the right time and in the right place.

Salmon fishing the Harrison river for the fall run of Chinooks is very productive. In general, the Harrison Chinook are larger than their summer counterparts and can reach weights of 60 pounds or more! These Chinook salmon are also caught by bar-fishing during October, hanging spoons or pulling plugs. With the right conditions, the fall run of Chinooks can be targeted by fly anglers – a seriously worthy challenge for the ardent fly angler.

WE REFUSE TO BOTTOM BOUNCE FOR CHINOOK SALMON! The technique that Fraser river anglers and the sportfishing industry call “bottom bouncing” (also called “flossing”) that is widely practised, is simply a sanitized phrase for snagging. Unfortunately, due to legal and technical issues, not to mention lobbying by fishing industry groups, this methodology has not been prohibited. We are not interested in participating in this fishery.

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